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    【The Paris Pass】1 Day Big Bus Paris Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

    【The Paris Pass】1 Day Big Bus Paris



    Découvrez les principaux sites d'intérêt de la ville de manière originale et détendue grâce aux Big Bus (Paris), un circuit touristique en bus à arrêts multiples dans Paris valable 1 jour. Chaque circuit dure environ 2h15 et présente les principaux sites d’intérêt du centre de Paris. 

    Les circuits à arrêts multiples des Big Bus (Paris) vous permettent de descendre aux 9 arrêts répartis dans la ville pour



    visiter les monuments : 

    * la tour Eiffel
    * le Champ-de-Mars
    * le musée du Louvre
    * la cathédrale Notre-Dame
    * le musée d’Orsay
    * l’Opéra Garnier
    * Champs-Élysées Étoile
    * le Grand Palais
    * le Trocadéro. 




    Montez à bord du bus avec votre Paris Pass à n'importe quel arrêt du trajet.


    【The Paris Pass】

    【The Paris Pass】What Do You Get With The Paris Pass

    The Paris Pass is a complete sightseeing package specially designed to help tourists in Paris save time money. It include free entry to over 60+ attractions, a bus tour ticket and much more

    What Do You Get With The Paris Pass

    It’s your all-in-one comprehensive sightseeing package and will save you time, money and stress, providing you everything you need to discover Paris from free entry, to fast track entry and useful information along the way!

    The Paris Pass is also subject to a “purse value” of maximum gate prices (a total value of attraction entries) related to the number of days on your pass. For example; with a 6 day adult Paris Pass (online price: €244) you get a whopping EUR350 worth of attraction entry! If you exceed your “purse value”, the pass will expire.




    See the sights of Paris on an open top bus and hop-on, hop-off at top attractions including the Louvre, Notre Dame and Orsay Museum

    A 1 Day Big Bus Paris Hop-On Hop-Off Tour is one of the best ways to see the sights of Paris all in one go. With an extensive hop-on, hop-off route made up of 9 stops at must-see destinations and landmarks around the capital, it’s often one of the most popular things to do when visiting the city – and with 8 languages available it’s perfect for the international tourist!

    Board the bus with your Paris Pass at any of the stops included on the route.


    Sit back and take in the breath-taking sights around Paris, with nine central hop-on, hop-off stops:

    1. Eiffel Tower
    2. Champs de Mars
    3. Louvre Museum
    4. Notre Dame
    5. Orsay Museum
    6. Paris Opera House
    7. Champs Elysées Étoile
    8. Grand Palais
    9. Trocadéro

    Did you know:

    • Spot the Monument to Peace within the Champs de Mars park, it’s made up of 32 columns and has the word ‘peace’ written on it in 32 languages and 18 alphabets
    • Within the Louvre Museum there are 35,000 pieces of art from Leonardo da Vinci to Eugène Delacroix
    • The Eiffel Tower weighs around 10,000 tonnes and was the largest building in the world until the Chrysler Building in New York was built (now it’s slipped to sixth tallest)
    • The art gallery, Orsay Museum, used to be a busy train station (Gare d’Orsay) that ran between 1900 and 1939

    Where to hop-on, hop-off:

    Eiffel Tower

    Known locally as La Dame de fer, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognised landmarks in the world – and some might argue it’s the most popular attraction in Paris. Built originally as a temporary structure for the World’s Fair in 1900, it still stands over 100 years later! Take a step back to admire the 301.8m of steel, comprising of 18,000 individual pieces – you can forgo the hard hat but make sure you have your camera at the ready!

    Note: entry to the Eiffel Tower is not included in the Paris Pass

    Champs de Mars

    Spanning an impressive 60 acres this stunning landscaped garden was first created in the 17th century to grow grapes and vegetables. Later, it became the training ground for the École Militaire (or military school) where a young Napoleon attended. Now it is the site of the Eiffel Tower and a hot-spot for a picnic on a sunny day, and if you’re in Paris for the 14th July, you can catch the impressive Bastille Day festivities on the grounds too, a must-see if you like fireworks!

    Louvre Museum

    Home to the famous Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo - among many, many others - the Louvre is a must-visit in Paris for its huge breadth of art. Originally a built as a palace, it’s now the most visited art gallery in the world with a staggering 9.7 million visitors a year! Take advantage of the Fast Track Entry with The Paris Pass and skip the lines during the busy months.

    Notre Dame

    Notre Dame Cathedral was constructed on the Île de la Cité as it was the power-centre of the city back in 1160. Now, it remains one of the most central hubs of Paris and is an iconic landmark where visitors can explore the huge nave and buttresses, as well as climb the towers for stunning views along the Seine.

    Orsay Museum

    Originally a train station, the Orsay Museum is an architectural feat and its old structure is still very much visible to this day. With the original station clock, the art gallery displays an array of masterpieces from the years 1848 to 1915, including the likes of Cézanne, Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh.

    Paris Opera House

    One of the most elaborate buildings in Paris, this stunning late 19th century building is also known as Palais Garnier or Garnier Opera House. As the most important ballet and opera house in Paris, it is adorned with mirrors, mosaics and chandeliers – not to mention the impressive Grand Staircase. Well worth a visit, you’ll feel like royalty within its walls.

    Champs Elysées Étoile

    The Champs Elysées is one of the most famous shopping streets in Paris, much on Par with Fifth Avenue in New York, and Regent Street in London. Stretching 1.8miles, this long avenue is an iconic promenade in Paris, lined with high street shops and some of the most expensive real estate in the world.

    Grand Palais

    This historic building in Paris was built to glorify the arts in Paris, especially the Beaux Arts movement from which its architecture was inspired. With its stone facades, glass vaults and steel frames it’s an impressive landmark and right on the banks on the Seine it’s got one of the best views in Paris!


    The Gardens of Trocadéro span nearly 94,000m² and with fountains and statues lining its paths, it leads up to the Eiffel Tower on north side of the Seine, and the Champs de Mars to the south. Within the gardens is also an aquarium, the National Theatre and Chaillot Palace.

    【PARIS】【The Paris Pass】



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    【MUSIC】Bon Entendeur vs Isabelle Pierre - Le Temps Est Bon

    Michelin Red Guide 2020 France: Hotels & Restaurants (フランス語) ペーパーバック – 2020/4/7


    【MADE IN FRANCE】ティファール(T-FAL) 電気フライヤー 「アクティフライActifry」

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    【PARIS】【オンライン予約RESERVATION】 【57EME Salon de l'agriculture 2020】Du samedi 22 fevrier 2020 au dimanche 01 mars 2020

    【PARIS】 【CONCERT】【Madame x tour】2020年2月18日〜3月1日 Du mardi 18 fevrier 2020 au dimanche 01 mars 2020


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    2019年10月24日〜2020年2月24日までDu jeudi 24 octobre 2019 au lundi 24 fevrier 2020

    【PARIS】【EXPOエキスポ】【Musee du Louvreルーヴル美術館】Exposition Leonard de Vinci

    【GetYourGuide】パリ美術館パス:2日パス、4日パス、6日パス / Paris Museum Pass : deux, quatre ou six jours / Paris Museum Pass: 2, 4, or 6 Days

    【MUSIC】【Michel Fugain】

    【MUSIC】Brigitte Fontaine

    【Serge Gainsbourgセルジュ・ゲンスブール】

    【アマゾンAMAZON JAPON】La fille de Vercingetorix ハードカバー

    【MUSIQUE】Glenn Gouldグレン・グールド


    【PARIS】【The Paris Pass】【BIG BUS】

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    【PARIS】【MUSEE D'ORSAY】【自由の女神Statue de la Liberte】

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    【PARIS】【コンサート情報INFO CONCERT】【Palais Garnier】Prochains concerts de musique classique

    【パリ国立歌劇場ガルニエ宮Palais Garnier】(オペラ座ガルニエ、フランス語 PALAIS GARNIER) イベント開催日

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    【アマゾンAMAZON JAPON】Plans de Paris: Paris street index and maps: Paris pratique par arrondissement (フランス語)



    【easyJet holidays】Paquet vacances 2018/2019

    【FRANCE】【liligo】ワンクリックですべての移動手段を比較。Compare tous les modes de transports en un clic. / Compare all modes of transport in one click.

    【RAKUTEN VIBER】 安心な無料通話・メッセージをいつでも、だれとでも Free and secure calls and messages to anyone, anywhere / Appels et messages gratuits et securises vers n'importe qui, partout dans le monde


    【PARIS】【エキスポ情報INFO EXPO】

    5 septembre - 9 septembre 2018

    Vernissage le jeudi 6 septembre 2018 à 18h00
    2018年9月5日 - 2018年9月9日
    2018年9月6日 ベルニサージュ

    【EXPO】【Galerie Hayasaki】Ceramique de Bizen

    23 mai - 10 juin 2018
    Vernissage le jeudi 24 mai 2018 a 18h00


    【EXPO】【Galerie Hayasaki】【Masahiro Watanabe】「渡部正廣絵画展」Peinture figuratif

    Entree libre / 入場無料

    【TripAdvisor トリップアドバイザー】世界最大の旅行サイト The world’s largest travel site / Le plus grand site de voyage au monde.

    【フランス】【Quitoque】【食材宅配サービス】カルフールが料理キット宅配サービス開始 C'est moi qui cuisine ce soir !


    【フランス】【モン・サンミッシェルMont Saint-Michel】@【FB】Le Mont Saint-Michel et sa baie

    【フランスFrance】【パリParis】パリのいろんな楽しみ方【CAR ROUGE】乗り降り自由のパリ市内観光Big Busツアー

    【フランスFrance】【パリParis】パリのいろんな楽しみ方【Open Bus Tour】乗り降り自由のパリオープンツアー

    【フランスFrance】【パリParis】パリのいろんな楽しみ方【Paris Original Tours】Segway Tourセグウェイ ツアー

    【フランスFrance】【パリParis】パリのいろんな楽しみ方【Retro Tour Paris】


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    【フランスFRANCE】【BOSE】Essai de 30 jours Satisfait ou Rembourse お試し期間30日間クーリングオフサービス


    【MUSIC】【歌う思い出】 福田美樹子FUKUDA Mikiko/アントワーヌ・パロック

    【コンサート情報Info Concerts】【Chateau de Versailles】【Patricia Petibonパトリシア・プティボン】Haendel a Versailles パトリシア・プティボン: ヘンデル at ヴェルサイユ

    【Info Concerts】Chateau de Versailles【コンサート情報】ヴェルサイユ宮殿

    【PARIS】 【コンサート情報Info Concerts】【Salle Gaveau】ステファニー=マリー・ドゥガン、ヴァイオリン& マリー=ジョゼフ・ジュード、ピアノ: ソナタズ Stephanie-Marie Degand, violon & Marie-Josephe Jude, piano: Sonates

    【OPERAオペラ】【Opera Bastilleオペラ・バスティーユ】【La Traviataラ・トラヴィアータ(椿姫)】Opera national de Paris

    【PARIS】【Info Concertsコンサート情報】パリの美しい教会サント・シャペルでのクラシックコンサート

    【EXPO】【Galerie Hayasaki Paris】【La fugacite et le renaitre, la metempsycose】【刹那と輪廻】Tatsuhiro Ariyoshi / Keisuke Tomioka / Omemozi

    6 septembre - 10 septembre 2017
    Vernissage le jeudi 7 septembre 2017
    A partir de 18h00
    ベルニサージュ: 2017年9月7日
    会期:2017年9月6日- 9月10日


    【EXPO】【Galerie Hayasaki Paris】【サラ・チュリー写真展】l'exposition de Salah Chouli

    ベルニサージュ:6月8日(木)18時 - 21時
    会期:6月7日- 25日

    7 juin - 25 juin 2017
    Vernissage le jeudi 8 juin 2017

    A partir de 18h00

    Ouverture :

    Mercredi - Vendredi : 14h00 - 19h00

    Samedi - Dimanche : 14h00 - 18h00

    Ferme le lundi et le mardi

    【FRANCE】【ORANGE】 Internet avec la Fibre

    【秋Automne】Equinoxe d'automne




    ベルニサージュ: 5月18日(木)18時 - 21時
    会期 : 5月18日 - 28日

    18 mai - 28 mai 2017
    Vernissage le jeudi 18 mai 2017

    A partir de 18h00

    【EXPO】 【Galerie HAYASAKI】【Masahiro Watanabe渡部正廣絵画展】Peinture figuratif
    Entree libre / 入場無料


    Vernissage Jeudi 27 avril 2017
    18h00 - 21h00
    Exposition du 26 avril au 7 mai 2017
    14h00 -19h00
    Fermé le lundi et le mardi

    【EXPO】【Philippe Dubois】 Incertains rivages 「フィリップ・デュボワ展/不確かな海岸」

    Entree libre / 入場無料


    13 avril - 23 avril 2017

    ベルニサージュ:4月13日(木) 18時~21時

    会期:4月13日~23日 14時~19時(月火休)
    【PARIS】【EXPO】山田美佳日本刺繍展La galerie Hayasaki presente l'exposition de Mika Yamada

    Entree libre / 入場無料

    【PARIS】【EXPO】【Musee du Louvreルーヴル美術館】【Vermeerフェルメール】 2017年5月22日まで

    【MUSIQUE】いまレコード(ビニール Album vinyle)が熱い

    【フランスFrance】【Victoires de la musique 2017】

    【PARIS】【Info Concertsコンサート情報】

    【Classictic.com】Tickets for Classical Music

    【フランス大好き人間のための掲示板】BBS TEACUP

    【Chocolat】Luxury French chocolates delivered worldwide


    CDJapan is the best place to order your Japanese CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and collectibles
    CDJapan est le meilleur endroit pour commander vos CD japonais , DVD, Blu-ray , et objets de collection
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    【MADE IN FRANCE】【zChocolat.com】Pascal Caffet(M.O.F. et Champion du Monde Chocolatier)のチョコレートを全世界へお届け

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